The Show

The AsiaEast Roundtable is a discussion among journalists, policy-makers and policy specialists, focusing on the development, security and politics of the region.  High-quality programming is aimed at the professional policy community, including government officials, legislators, NGO specialists, businesspeople, academics and journalists.  AsiaEast features extended discussions and debates with the most serious and relevant thinkers, and incorporates maps and other graphics, all focused on a group of interrelated issues that grab headlines today.  From the outset, the AsiaEast audience will include policy communities in Washington, Seoul and Tokyo, touching on these specific issues and their interrelationships:

  • U.S. interests in East Asia, and those of China, Russia, Japan, Australia and the two Koreas;
  • East Asian regional development, including economic policy, trade structures and potential game-changing initiatives;
  • Trends in defense and security policy, strategy and spending;
  • Politics and leadership in key countries;-
  • North-South Korean dynamics, and visions of development;
  • Nuclear and WMD nonproliferation efforts in Korea and Northeast Asia.

These subjects are relevant to diverse audiences, including young leaders in media, politics and culture; companies and institutes interested in economic development and integration in the region, and in security hardware and services; existing policy programs with a focus overlapping that of AsiaEast; and nonproliferation proponents. Beyond the primary countries of Northeast Asia, other governments and their Washington embassies will find this forum to be valuable.  Diplomats from Australia, Sweden, the UK and several EU countries will be guests on the program.  AsiaEast will network extensively with its logical partners and through new digital media outlets.

AsiaEast was launched in November 2012 with generous support from the US-Korea Institute at the School for Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University.

US-Korea Institute